Monday, November 2, 2015

Nina the Pretty Ballerina by Anita Pouroulis and Agata Krawcyzk (Digital Leaf)

Alas, all good things must come to an end but dry your eyes, here's a joyful final tale in the Jules and Nina (& George!) Series by Anita Pouroulis and Agata Crawczyk...
Anita and Agata's fabulous canine cuties are back for one last curtsey before the final curtain. In "Nina, the Pretty Ballerina" Jules has a brilliant idea one day - to dress up her fabulous and favourite doggy companion as a prima ballerina.

Nina reluctantly puts up with the primping and preening at first, but do dogs really want to wear pink tutus and tickly feathery boas? Perhaps Nina will discover a hidden talent for dancing "en pointe"? Can dogs even do that? You'll soon find out.

Throughout the "Jules and Nina" series, we've constantly been delighted by Anita's sharp observations of child behaviour (particularly when they play with their beloved pets) and we've also always been delighted by Agata's colourful and bold artwork. Whether your little ones are crazy about canines, or bonkers about ballet they're absolutely certain to love this final adventure for Jules, Nina and George.

Ballet Fans can find more fun over at Anita's website. You can win a family ticket to the English National Ballet's Nutcracker at the London Coliseum - free to enter so definitely go and take a look!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Nina is obviously more talented than she lets on, a true prima doggy ballerina!

Daddy's favourite bit: I have to sneak in a bit of admiration for George, who seems to spend a lot of this tale with a very hang-dog expression!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Digital Leaf and the wonderful Amanda - yes we'll forgive you for the feathers :)

"Nina the Pretty Ballerina (A Jules and Nina Adventure)"

Written by Anita Pouroulis

Illustrated by Agata Krawczyk

Published by Digital Leaf

Release Date: 2nd November 2015

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