Monday, 21 December 2015

Booky Advent Calendar Day 21 - "Angel's Great Escape: A Christmas Story (EBook)" by Kirstie Rowson and Kristina Litten (iBooks)

For Day 21 of our Advent Calendar, we're taking a rare look at an eBook, and a rather magical story. Let's take a look at "Angel's Great Escape" by Kirstie Rowson and Kristina Litten...
It's getting very close to the big day now and we thought we'd bring you a bit of a Christmas treat for you more technology-focused folk. Previously on the blog way back in the mists of time we adored "Angel's Great Escape" as an iPad App from Kirstie and Kristina, voiced by the velvet tones of Mr Alan Titchmarsh.

Now the story has been released in iBook and Kindle formats so if you've found a brand spanking new tablet under the christmas tree, time to enjoy the thoroughly entertaining and wonderful story all over again - this time with 'read along' narrative from actor David McMullan who brings some brilliant voices and characters to the story.

'Angel's Great Escape' tells the festive tale of some unwanted christmas decorations, doomed to be thrown away by a very mean pair of humbug-scoffers (and their rather nasty little moggy!)

The decorations hatch a plan. They want to live with a loving caring family who will put them on their tree and display them proudly. It's time to escape!

As the snow crunches underfoot, Angel and her friends bravely venture out on a journey to find a new home. Unfortunately, the nasty scratchy moggy is in hot pursuit!

We'll let you discover the rest of the story yourself. We thought it was a marvellous little tale with great artwork and high production values, and it's also exciting to hear that plans are afoot to turn Angel's story into a printed picture book in time for next Christmas, so we'll be watching developments with interest. 

Charlotte's favourite bit: She still adores angel as much as she did when she first saw the app and the story.

Daddy's favourite bit: A fantastic festive treat full of adventure and fun.

(Kindly supplied for review by Kirstie Rowson)

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