Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Megalopolis and the Visitor From Outer Space by Clea Dieudonne (Thames and Hudson)

Here's a book with a difference, that will test your observational powers to the max! Clea Diedonne's fabulous "Megalopolis and the Visitor From Outer Space" stars out an astonishing adventure by a diminutive little alien, popping to earth for a visit in his nifty little flying saucer. It's his first visit and as you can imagine, he can't wait to see all the wonders of the world as he lands just outside the huge sprawling city of Megalopolis.

This book isn't your ordinary everyday lap book, in fact to review this one we needed to streeeeeeeetch the book out on the longest landing in the house (which, conveniently meant the book stretched all the way from Charlotte's room, right out into the landing and beyond!)

This book is a whopping 3 metres long, and unfolds into one of the most detailed scenes you can imagine. If you're a fan of "Where's Wally" books or love anything featuring gloriously detailed cityscapes you are in for one heck of a treat as Megalopolis is a bustling urban paradse. The book's back cover gives you plenty of hints on what to look for in the vast scene, and you'll have fun spotting the visiting alien as he encounters all the denizens of Megalopolis itself, including a busy zoo and a joyful wedding celebration.

Like any city there are some ne'er do-wells to spot as well, so look out for burglars who sneak around looking for things to pinch.

By the end of your fantastic journey, you'll have enjoyed a real feast for the eyes. Your only problem will be finding a wall big enough to display this glorious book if you choose to use it as one huge long poster!

Charlotte's favourite bit: The big friendly looking monster who dwells in the vast underground underneath Megalopolis

Daddy's favourite bit: A gorgeous take on the observational activity book, absolutely packed with amazing little details. Quite an astonishing (and huge!) piece of work indeed!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Thames and Hudson)

"Megalopolis - And the Visitor from Outer Space"

Written and Illustrated by Clea Dieudonne

Published by Thames and Hudson

Publication Date (Hardcover): 7th March 2016