Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson (Capstone / Curious Fox Books)

A tantalising tale of bunnies, burrows and boisterousness - can you ever have "Too Many Carrots?" Katy Hudson thinks so...!
It's very easy to fall in love with a book purely from its cover illustration alone. We do this a lot, and sometimes it works out well - sometimes it works out terribly well!

The latter is the case with "Too Many Carrots" by Katy Hudson, newly published with Curious Fox books.

The bunny in question is a happy little fellow, but a bit of a hoarder. He collects carrots wherever he goes and soon it becomes apparent that home just isn't big enough for the bunny and his favourite veg.

Luckily, Bunny has some brilliant friends who are all too willing to help him relocate. Tortoise offers some shell space, and despite a few misgivings, Bunny and Tortoise and a few dozen carrots take up a new mobile residence in Tortoise's capacious shell.

Obviously this doesn't work out so well, so Bunny is once again homeless (as is poor tortoise who now has a rather cracked shell for his trouble!) Can other friends help out?

It's a neat little moral tale about selfishness and greed, about friendship and about sharing as the rabbit soon discovers that there's one thing infinitely better than collecting and hoarding carrots. There's eating them too and what better way to enjoy a bountiful vitamin-enriched veggie harvest than with your best buddies?

Charlotte's favourite bit: Everyone squeezing into Beaver's house - before it's unceremoniously sunk!

Daddy's favourite bit: A gloriously attractive book, a belting read-aloud for little ones that gently imparts a fab moral tale of sharing and friendship winning over greediness and selfishness in the end.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Curious Fox Books)

"Too Many Carrots"

Written and Illustrated by Katy Hudson

Published by Capstone / Curious Fox Books

Publication Date: February 2016