Thursday, 4 February 2016

I Am Bear by Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyuz (Walker Books)

Oh yes indeed! We DO love a cheeky book, a book that's not afraid to be a bit of an old saucepot. So come and meet a rather different bear!
Actor and Rapper Ben Bailey-Smith (AKA Doc Brown) and Sav Akyuz have put their considerable talents together to come up with a fantastic story for younger children about a bear.

"Oh great, another bear book!" I hear you say, "how original!" but stow that attitude monsieurs and madames, this bear is definitely distinctly different.

Bear wears a suit of purple hair, and so the riotous rhymes begin as we follow bear's rather cheeky antics throughout an average bear day.

Ben's rhymes are absolutely pitch perfect as the book practically BOUNCES along on its own accord. If your little ones are fidget-bottoms, they're going to love bear's big purple fidgety bottom too! There's a gloriously cheeky music video to accompany the book too, to give you a taster of bare bear action!

He's naughty, he's awesome,  he's loveable and this is a hilarious book! Do not miss!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Wait a minute, did bear just eat Squirrel? OMG!!

Daddy's favourite bit: A genuine pleasure to read aloud! The first but hopefully not the last book from this talented duo, they are utter geniuses!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)

"I Am Bear"

Written by Ben Bailey Smith

Illustrated by Sav Akyuz

Published by Walker Books

Publication Date (hooray it's today!): 4th February 2016