Monday, 7 March 2016

Get busy with your little ones with a couple of fabulous craft activity books, perfect for Knights and Princesses

 Laura Minter and Tia Williams have created a fabulous activity, crafting and baking blog, "The Little Button Diaries", a veritable treasure trove of utterly brilliant ideas for things to do with your little ones.

Now Laura and Tia have turned their attention to distilling their fabulous crafting knowledge into a couple of awesome new activity books.

"The Knight Craft Book - 15 Things a Knight Can't Do Without" and "The Princess Craft Book - 15 Things a Princess Can't Do Without" bring together simple (and not so simple) craft project ideas in two attractive and fully illustrated volumes.

For would-be knights (whether girls or boys) you can create awesome castles, weapons (like bows and arrows or swords and scabbards) and even a trusty steed to ride into battle on.

Each project comes with a set of instructions and a list of the things you'll need to get your crafty little knights creating some truly brilliant props for costume play.

With "The Princess Craft Book" again princessy girls or boys can make some really amazing creations with more than a nod to some of their favourite princessy movies. You'll certainly notice a bit of a "Frozen" thing going on with this book so if your children just can't "Let it go" they'll be over the moon at some of these awesome makes!

Laura and Tia are hugely talented, and you can tell they really enjoy what they do as it comes across very well in these books. Clear instructions, brill photos (with kids really getting into the swing of things) and a range of projects from really easy 5 minute makes to some more complex and quite skilled makes, there's something for everyone in both books.

"The Knight Craft Book" and "The Princess Craft Book" are released on 7th March, from GMC Publishing.