Thursday 24 March 2016

Puffin Rock: Hello Little Egg! - An Oona and Baba Adventure (Picture Puffin)

Adapted from the TV series, here's the first Puffin Rock picture book - with fave characters Oona and Baba encountering a very odd egg!
Oona and Baba (and Mossy!) are the stars of a new children's television series - and now a book series too, as the first book from Picture Puffin to tie in with the programme has arrived.

Oona and Baba love going on adventures together, and though they're very small (and cute), Oona, Baba and their best friend Mossy are never far from excitement.

The trio bump into a rather odd object while out on a clifftop walk. At first they think it's a rock, but Baba soon realises that it's an egg!

The three decide to rescue the poor little egg, and return it to its mama and papa - but it's not a puffin egg - they're white! It's not a seagull egg, they're brown! Whose egg is it and will the poor little (very hungry) chick that hatches from the egg ever get home safely?

An endearing and charming little book to accompany the series, with gorgeous illustrations and a gentle story. "Hello Little Egg" was released on 3rd March 2016 from Picture Puffin (Softcover)