Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Superbot and the Terrible Toy Destroyer by Nick Ward (DFBees / David Fickling Books)

A cracking and fast paced adventure story with a solid anti-bullying message. "Superbot and the Terrible Toy Destroyer" is here to save the day!
The new range of DFBees early readers from David Fickling Books is perfectly pitched for readers who are moving on from picture books into their first chapter books. Readers like this love more illustrations and less text, and love a story that feels involving and deep enough to provide a great level of immersion.

In "Superbot and the Terrible Toy Destroyer", Superbot is a friend to everyone and is always ready to jetpack into a dangerous situation to help his friends. When an evil robot goes on the rampage, stealing people's beloved toys and crunching them up, there's more to the nasty robot's behaviour than meets the eye.

When Superbot's friends are put in direct peril, the canny little  robo-fellah stands his ground and with the aid of a ton of crimefighting gadgets, he's sure to win the day but also perhaps make a new friend into the bargain.

The book's subtle anti-bullying message neatly looks at the situation from both sides, and readers will enjoy finding out what happens in the end.

A really attractive new range with a great story and illustrations. Young readers are bound to love Superbot!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Superbot has just the right tools to deal with nasty nets!

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant and exciting new range from DFB that looks set to be a huge hit in and out of class for young readers who love fast-paced adventures when cutting their teeth on their first 'proper' books.

(Kindly sent to us for review by David Fickling Books)

"Superbot and the Terrible Toy Destroyer"

Written and Illustrated by Nick Ward

Published by DFBees / David Fickling Books

Publication Date: 3rd March 2016.