Monday 21 March 2016

The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer and Barbara Taylor (Thames and Hudson)

Bugs, bugs, bugs! They're not just good for lunch! (What do you mean you don't eat bugs for lunch?) Learn all about them in this fabulous new book from Yuval Zommer and Barbara Taylor...
The Big Book of Bugs teams fabulous illustrative and storytelling talent Yuval Zommer with insect expert Barbara Taylor together to produce one heck of a big huge stunning bug book.

Naturally, "The Big Book of Bugs" probably isn't for the faint hearted, but if you can show us a kid under 15 who doesn't think bugs are the best thing ever, we'll eat our liquorice hats!

Packed with facts and figures about practically every insect species on the planet you'll learn some key facts about the creatures we (sometimes very uncomfortably) share our world with. Treat 'em well, they'll take over one day after all!

Getting a buzz about bees, honey!
First, the book takes you through the various classifications of insects before exploring certain species in more detail. For Charlotte, who asks a LOT of questions, it was great to see each page spread laid out with gorgeous (and quite humorous) illustrations, but most importantly with tons of questions asked and answered.

For example we've always known how fascinating bees are, but important information (like how they make their wonderful honey) is shared in a kid-friendly way (can you spot the two wasps who've sneaked into the page?)

Flutter by, butterfly!
Butterflies are, without a doubt, Charlotte's favourite insects (and she loves moths too of course - in fact she'll tell you that moths are FAR more interesting!) Again, the butterfly page is filled to the brim with exquisite drawings and brilliant facts to further your knowledge.

Go go, glow worm!
You'll even learn about the bugs that come out after dark. Nocturnal insects dance across the page as we take a closer look at glow worms and moths as they dance and flit beneath the silvery moon.

We do love a big book chock full of brilliant facts and details, and it's an absolutely genius idea to let Yuval Zommer loose producing the most gorgeous illustrations to accompany the information. This is one of the most attractive non-fiction books we've seen this year, if not ever! It's out today so buzz, wiggle, slither or crawl down to your local book store and fill your boots (hopefully not with bugs!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: Learning more about butterflies and moths

Daddy's favourite bit: A bug's life for us! We have really enjoyed this fantastic book and can see it's going to be a huge hit with children everywhere thanks to some brilliant facts and glorious illustrations.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Thames and Hudson)

"The Big Book of Bugs"

Written and Illustrated by Yuval Zommer

Bug Expert: Barbara Taylor

Published by Thames and Hudson

Publication Date; 21st March 2016