Monday 25 April 2016

Abzzz: A Bedtime Alphabet by Isabel Minhos Martins and Yara Kono (Thames and Hudson)

We still have keen memories of how much of a fidget and a fiddle the bedtime routine used to be...
Thankfully Charlotte now settles fairly easily (in fact most evenings after a busy day at school she's out for the count in seconds) but we still loved curling up with Abzzz: A Bedtime Alphabet by Isabel Minhos Martins and Yara Kono.

Aimed at putting you in just the right snoozy mood, Abzzz gently goes through the alphabet with lots of illustrations and ideas to lull you gently into a deep sleep.

It's actually quite difficult to type as I could do with forty winks myself, so I'll let some of Yara Kono's gorgeous illustrations do the talking for me.

G and H for "Good Morning" (Eh?) and "Hibernate" (yes please!)
As you read this one out loud (whisper it gently), you'll find your eyelids getting heavier, your limbs relaxing, and you'll barely be able to stifle your yawns.

K and L for "Kiss" (most important, that one!) and Leopard (though we wouldn't recommend you kiss a Leopard!)
Of course we mean that in a good way, some books are just so relaxing and soothing and this is no exception. So tuck yourself in, snuggle warm and cosy, and keep reading...

C and D for "Cat" and "Day" - Snoozing like a cat would be cool, time to say bye bye to your day!
"Abzzz: A Bedtime Alphabet" by Isabel Minhos Martins and Yara Kono is released on 25th April 2016. Night night!