Tuesday 12 April 2016

Creep and Flutter: The Secret World of Insects and Spiders by Jim Arnosky (Sterling Publishing)

Are your kids (like mine) unnaturally attracted to minibeasts? Things that creep and flutter, crawl and skitter?
Then they'll love "Creep and Flutter" by Jim Arnosky, a fascinating glimpse at the minibeasts we share our world with.

From spiders to flies, bees to butterflies this fun fact-filled book uses glorious illustrations and huge super-sized bug foldouts to really bring you eye to eye (or in the case of spiders, multiple eyes) with insects and arachnids.

There are tons of interesting facts packed into the book, and the illustrations are fabulous. Definitely highly recommended!

Charlotte's best bit: She loved the sections on butterflies and moths (and big hairy caterpillars!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A brill bug book with tons of facts and figures, and beautiful photos and illustrations throughout.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Sterling Publishing)

"Creep and Flutter: The Secret World of Insects and Spiders"

Written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky

Published by Sterling Publishing

Publication Date (Hardback): 7th April 2016