Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Delve into two ancient civilisations as we take a closer look at the superb "Discover" range from Isabel and Imogen Greenberg (Frances Lincoln Publishing)

 Non-Fiction is definitely our bag, baby - History in particular so we're very excited by two new books from Frances Lincoln Publishing. The new "Discover" series starts by looking at two of our favourite historical subjects, The Roman Empire and The Ancient Egyptians in these two awesome pocket-sized books from Isabel and Imogen Greenberg.

Don't let their diminutive size put you off. Crammed into the 32 pages in each book are a metric ton of amazing facts and figures about the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans, with an excellent historical timeline of the rise and fall of both civilisations included within the books.

Isabel's brilliant illustrations really bring the books to life. A graphic novelist, she's brought her comic-book skills to both titles with excellent effect. We've seen humour used to 'sell' history in so many other comparable titles but this is a new and fresh approach, opting to let Imogen's thoroughly researched treatment of the subject matter at
hand do all the talking, and ultimately kids will be completely hooked by the myriad of fascinating facts packed into each title.

Follow-ups are planned in the same range (Hooray!) tackling Ancient Greeks and Vikings next (double hooray!)

What a pair of brilliant little books! "Discover - The Roman Empire" and "Discover - The Ancient Egyptians" are released on 7th April 2016 by Frances Lincoln Publishing. Make room in your bag for them both!