Thursday, 14 April 2016

I Am Doodle Cat by Kat Patrick and Lauren Marriott (Scribe Publications)

Cats are naturally quite curious, love getting into trouble, and have a built in joie de vivre that is quite infectious...
Just like children really, so it's no big surprise that stories featuring cats are always hugely popular with kids.

"I am Doodle Cat" introduces a rather cheeky feline who expresses deep joy in the simple everyday things.

What could be better than thrumming out a few power chords on your guitar?

Is there anything more satisfying in life than snuggling down in your favourite skeleton onesie for an evening of chilling with your friends?

Let's face it, there's also a lot of satisfaction to be had in letting out a rather loud rip-roaring (and stinky) fart.

See, we told you Doodle Cat is cheeky. Naturally Doodle Cat also loves doodling and drawing, as do we. Kat Patrick's effervescence comes across in waves thanks to this glorious exploration of the simple pleasures in life, coupled gloriously with Lauren Marriott's simple but effective illustrations. You'll fall in love with Doodle Cat, we guarantee it!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Not only the "Fart" bit but the detailed explanations at the back of the book about what the world's most fartiest animal is (the answer may surprise you, it's not actually Daddy!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Simple but hugely effective, a charismatic cat and a great love of life fused together in a fun and hilarious book.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Scribe Publications)

"I Am Doodle Cat"

Written by Kat Patrick

Illustrated by Lauren Marriott

Published by Scribe Publications

Publication Date: 14th April 2016