Thursday, April 7, 2016

Joining in the super-awesome "Create your Own Spy Mission" Blog Tour. Our review of this fab and original book!

Contrary to popular belief, not all girls are into pink princess dresses and frilly nonsense. Some have a secret hankering to be super-spies. Charlotte is just such a girl!
Though she's obviously a bit too young for the Martini and Vodka guzzling exploits of a certain Mr Bond, she loves the idea that there are actually people who get to sneak around, wield impressive techno-gadgets and generally get up to all sorts of mischief as part of their everyday job.

"Create your Own Spy Mission (It's so secret we don't even know what's inside) from Andrew and Chris Judge is an utterly brilliant and original new book from Scholastic that lets Charlotte play out her own spy fantasies from the comfort of her own bedroom, armed with that most amazing technological development - the humble pencil.

You see, "Spy Mission" draws on your drawing skills (did you see what we did there? Oh we're so puntastic today!) and allows you to create your own amazing and exciting spy adventure by doodling your protagonist out of trouble with every turn of the page.

You need to kit out your spy characters (and their nasty enemies of course), design fiendish new gadgets, and draw the scenery that your adventures play out in. With a few deft strokes you'll be well on your way to becoming infamous!

We love this book, combining all the glorious excitement of those old "Choose your own Adventure" books with elite drawing skills (ours might not quite be that 'elite' but we had such a lot of fun doodling in this, that we should've really bought two copies instead of arguing over who gets to draw what!)

"Create your Own Spy Mission" is launched today from Scholastic. Are you expecting us to draw? No Mr Bond, we expect you to DOODLE!

Find out more on the fabulous doodletastic Spy Mission website:

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