Friday, 1 April 2016

ReadItDaddy's First Book of the Week - Week Ending 1st April 2016 - "100 Things to Know about Space" by Alex Frith, Alice James and Jerome Martin (Usborne Publishing)

No fooling! Our first Book of the Week this week once again comes from the uber-masters of brilliant non-fiction titles for children, Usborne's awesome "100 Things to Know about Space" by Alex Frith and Jerome Martin...
You know we love space, you just KNOW we do but as Charlotte's book tastes change and she's growing up so fast, we look for a little bit more from our non-fiction titles.

Thankfully Usborne cater for a wide age range and always produce the most incredibly detailed and satisfying non-fiction titles for us to dive into.

We've previously reviewed the brilliant "100 Things to Know about Science" and now Usborne have followed up with "100 Things to Know about Space"

It's a doozy, covering just about every conceivable aspect of our quest to explore the universe - from our first faltering steps outside earth's safe confines, out into the inky blackness of outer space - to our continued scientific commitment to furthering our knowledge of the universe through exploration and amazing experiments.

You'll find out an awful lot about our solar system, our galaxy and beyond - and you'll definitely love learning about how NASA and other space agencies have achieved incredible things both with manned space exploration and unmanned missions out into the further reaches of the cosmos.

As you'd expect, the book dishes up 100 fascinating facts about space - from incredible statistics (such as learning just how long it would take you to fly from our solar system to the next - have you got 100,000 years free from next Tuesday?) and spellbinding space facts (the average space toilet costs around $14 million - that's one expensive loo!) to some truly fascinating theoretical information about the way our universe came into being.

It's packed with brilliant infographics and illustrations - simultaneously brilliantly engaging for kids but not dumbed down in any way at all.

Usborne are leading the way with some truly awesome space titles, and this latest addition to the range (which is published today by the way) really is going to keep your little space cadets very happy indeed.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Learning more about Mars (her favourite planet) and the Mars Rover's exploration of the red planet

Daddy's favourite bit: A truly awesome book packed with incredible facts and figures, perfect for little space cadets everywhere.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Usborne Publishing)

"100 Things to Know about Space"

Written by Alex Frith, Alice James  Jerome Martin

Illustrated by Federico Mariani and Shaw Nielsen

Published by Usborne Publishing

Publication Date (Hardback): 1st April 2016