Thursday, 31 March 2016

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book Roundup - March 2016, especially for Dorks and Superstars

Welcome to our Chapter Book roundup for March 2016 and we've got some tempting treats to serve you as your little ones start reading chapter books.

We're starting out this month with a timely reminder about a fabulous book series that has won Rachel Renee Russell a huge army of devotees across the world.

Charlotte is currently reading "Dork Diaries - tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life" and "Dork Diaries - Party Time", starting back with the original books that sparked this publishing phenomenon.

The book's central character is Nikki Maxwell, an ordinary girl leading a very ordinary life but with dreams of becoming more than just a meebly dork. Nikki starts a new school and moves house, perhaps there's finally a chance to become a little less of a nerd and perhaps more of a social superstar. As if!

Dork Diaries are laid out with brilliant little illustrations and Rachel Renee Russell absolutely nails the dialogue and snappy scripting of Nikki's diaries as she tries (and quite often fails) to navigate life with ease.

In book two, Nikki is invited to a party - and normally this would be a good reason to celebrate, dress up in something fancy and enjoy a brilliant time with your friends. Only Nikki is a dork, and dorks don't usually fare so well in situations such as this.

The hilarious second book will have girls (and quite a few adults) cringing with recognition, because - let's face it - everyone's a bit of a dork at heart and parties can be utterly and truly terrifying if you've got all the social graces of a slightly nervous Meerkat!

Charlotte loves these books (and I even found them highly amusing though I'm really not the target audience, obviously). Perfectly paces and full of hilarity and originality, you've got some catching up to do if (like us) you're just starting out as there are LOTS of books in the series and they just get funnier and funnier. It's awesome to think that Rachel's daughters help out with a bit of illustration and editing so do not miss "Dork Diaries" from Simon and Schuster Children's Books.

Now something of a treat for fans of edgy, dark but truly awesome sci fi.

Malorie Blackman - YA superstar - has a new book out on April 21st but we've been taking a sneaky early peek at "Chasing the Stars" and are utterly and completely hooked (and I'm sure you will be too!).

Olivia and her twin brother Aidan are the far flung survivors of a deadly virus, limping back to earth aboard a stricken starship.

Nathan is a headstrong teen heading in the opposite direction, heading out into space with a rag tag bunch, just trying to survive. As their paths cross in an unexpected way, Olivia and Nathan find unlikely love and become hopelessly entwined. But is there more to their 'chance' encounter, and why does their love cause such turmoil and uproar?

Dipping into Shakespeare's "Othello" for inspiration, Malorie has once again created a tightly constructed book world that you will become completely hooked into within a few chapters. We can't say too much more about the book before release but you don't have very long to wait, so get your preorders in for the 21st April! "Chasing the Stars" is published by  Doubleday Children's Books.

What's that you say? A new book series by Tom Percival? Wherewhathowwherewhywhere!

 A new highly illustrated and fun series of books conjures up magical fantasy worlds populated by characters we know and love, and a whole new bunch of cool little folk to get to know too!

Tom's "Little Legends" kicked off with "The Spell Thief" which was released on 11th February 2016. In this teensy tale you'll meet  Jack (of beanstalk fame), his talking chicken Betsy, Red (who has a rather familiar hood!) and newcomer Anansi who holds a deep dark secret. When Jack spots Anansi chatting to a Troll in the woods, he leaps to conclusions - because everyone knows that trolls spell trouble and troll friends are equally troublesome. Perhaps though Jack might find out a bit more about Anansi and realise that there's more to this twisty tale than meets the eye.

The series is perfectly paced for young readers who are just progressing from picture books but still love plenty of illustrations.

And there's more! Yes indeed, you can now pick up book 2 in the Little Legends series - The Great Troll Rescue which was also released on 11th February. This time Jack and Anansi are joined by Rapunzel and Red for a tale of trolls, witches and magical fairies.

Enlisting help from the Witch's servant Ella (as in Cinder!), the brave friends must formulate a plan to rescue all of the magical creatures and folk that the witch has locked up before the nasty old crone catches wind of their plan.

If you're looking for an utterly brilliant new book series for your kids who are ready to revisit some of the best loved fairy tale characters of all time in a new and innovative set of stories, it's time to check out "Little Legends" (and be quick, there's a third book on the way - "The Genie's Curse" - coming in July!

Phew! With all that excitement, we've probably still got room for a couple more books. What's left in our book sack?