Tuesday 26 April 2016

Tufty: The Little Lost Duck Who Found Love by Michael Foreman (Andersen Children's Books)

Michael Foreman is something of a living legend. Two-times Kate Greenaway Medal winner, and with a gift for making each and every book he writes feel like an instant children's classic, how could we possibly resist a new story from him?
"Tufty: The Little Lost Duck who Found Love" is a heartwarming story of a duckling who grows up on a gorgeous pond. As winter sets in, Tufty must join his family on the great trek south but when you're small with tiny wings, it's not always easy to keep up with the rest.

Poor Tufty is exhausted, and soon finds his family are tiny little specks in the distance as he's swiftly left behind (Charlotte pointed out how utterly mean his family were for leaving him like this - hear hear!)

Tufty seeks refuge on what looks like a tiny green island in amongst the urban sprawl, and there Tufty meets a man sleeping rough, who recognises a lost soul. Both tired and hungry, they take shelter for the night in the man's cosy nook within a hollow tree. Warm, dry and safe Tufty realises that he's found a new friend.

Winter passes, and soon Tufty is big and strong thanks to the kindly man, who bids him on his way as ducks fly overhead, coming back to spend the warmer weather in more familiar climes.

Tufty is reunited with his family, and soon with a family of his own he always returns to visit his new friend every winter.

It's a beautifully written and illustrated tale that will truly touch your heart.

Charlotte's favourite bit: The man's snug looking nook in a tree, warm and snug

Daddy's favourite bit: A glorious heartwarming tale of true friendship and kindness. We felt like crying with joy at the end. What a beautiful book!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Andersen Press)

"Tufty: The Little Lost Duck who Found Love"

Written and Illustrated by Michael Foreman

Published by Andersen Children's Books

Publication Date: 26th April 2016