Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Animals are Delicious by Dave Ladd and Stephanie Anderson (Phaidon)

We're definitely loving the way that some publishers are playing with different book formats for younger children. When a book crosses the boundaries between being something you read and something you can play and interact with, the real fun begins for younger children who adore colourful illustrations and fun reading opportunities.

So it is with the fabulous "Animals are Delicious" which is actually a wonderfully presented 'box set' of board books that unfold into three huge concertina layouts detailing the food chains of different types of animals.

Whether they swim, fly or run, animals have to eat - and sometimes they have to eat other animals.

Take to the air, the seas or the forest and find out all about animal food chains
It's thankfully not quite as grisly as it sounds, thanks to some truly brilliant illustrations that almost leap off the page at you. Really crisp and clean designs are just the start of this booky adventure - because if you flip the books over, you get an awesome high-contrast set of images that will work for younger children who can easily see more sharply when the images are monochrome.

Flip the book for even more details on the species in the book. Great high-contrast designs here
We enlisted the help of Charlotte's little 2 year old cousin who absolutely ADORED these books. Her giggles of glee (and her brilliant attempts to make the various animal noises - have you ever heard a 2 year old pretending to be a fox? It's hilarious!) were infectious so Charlotte really enjoyed reading the books with her and to her.

What a fantastic and original idea!

"Animals are Delicious" is out now from Phaidon Publishing.