Tuesday 28 June 2016

Be a Friend by Salina Yoon (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Silence is golden, and so is this adorable little story from Salina Yoon...
In "Be a Friend" we meet Dennis. He's not a menace, but he is an extraordinary little boy with a huge imagination.

Dennis doesn't speak but mimes all his actions. Whereas children want to climb trees, Dennis is happy to mime being a tree.

Sometimes Dennis feels left out, different, ostracised by the other children who think that Dennis' behaviour is odd but one little girl soon spots a potential friend, and when Dennis throws an imaginary ball, she catches it and throws it back.

So begins an amazing friendship. Salina's beautiful book keeps the word count down, letting the glorious images speak for themselves as Dennis goes about his daily life.

Have to mention the end-papers here, which are utterly lovely so watch out for them!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Dennis amazing show and tell butterfly act

Daddy's favourite bit: Gorgeously told story, wonderful artwork, and a hugely original take on the friendship book.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bloomsbury Publishing)

"Be a Friend"

Written and Illustrated by Salina Yoon

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Date: January 2016