Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Charlotte and the Homeless Bumblebee by David Greaves and Danielle Callaghan (Friends of the Earth)

Here's a "Name" book with a difference that is supporting Friends of the Earth and a really worthy cause...
Savvy nature lovers will know that our bees are currently experiencing a huge crisis, as bee populations dwindle away and natural environments are encroached upon by intensive farming methods and an upsurge in development and building work.

There's a lot we can do to help bees, and it's a cause we've championed before on the blog.

So it was a pleasure to receive a pair of books with our names on from Friends of the Earth.

Visiting the fantastic Friends of the Earth Bee Page at https://www.foe.co.uk/page/bee-cause is a good first step, but if you're also looking for a brilliant gift for a youngster, personalised for them, then drop by the "Homeless Bumblebee" page here:


You can tailor the book to suit the intended youngster you aim to give it to, choosing a boy or girl character, hair colour and then finalising things by adding their name.

Putting them right in the story of a girl / boy who helps a poor stranded bumblebee find a new home really helps to bring the eco-message across in a wonderful way, as the bee encounters dangers such as pesticides, litter and a loss of habitat.

The book is full of gentle rhymes and brilliantly colourful artwork, a fabulous idea with a very important message and theme at its heart, and one that can help make a difference to bee-supporting charities and conservation work. Hurrah!

What a bee-autiful book! (Sorry, I had to say it!)

Charlotte's best bit: Seeing her name right there on the cover, and loving the fuzzy warm buzzy feeling of a happy ending when the bumblebee finally finds a new loving home.

Daddy's favourite bit: This is a really fantastic idea for a children's book, putting your child front and centre as the 'hero' in a story that is sadly too familiar in the modern world.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Friends of the Earth)

"YourChildsName" and the Homeless Bumblebee
Written by David Greaves
Illustrated by Danielle Callaghan

Published by Friends of the Earth (with proceeds from the book benefitting FOE charities directly).