Thursday, 2 June 2016

Joining in with the "Alfie Bloom and the Talisman Thief" blog tour. Catch up with Gabrielle Kent's second awesome "Alfie Bloom" book, "Alfie Bloom and the Talisman Thief"

We're joining in with a big proper ReadItDaddy shout out to Gabrielle Kent, the awesome author of "Alfie Bloom and the Talisman Thief" - a bit of a blog favourite we've just covered in our May Chapter Book Roundup.

This time round, Alfie is settling in to his new home at Hexbridge Castle but just as life seems to be returning to normal (whatever "normal" is for Alfie), danger is afoot once again!

When Ashford the butler is kidnapped in the middle of the night, the castle comes under threat from a terrifying enemy.

Trapped inside with only his twin cousins and best friend Amy, it's up to Alfie to defend his inheritance and prevent a terrible fate from befalling the whole of England!

Is Alfie up to the task? Are you already on the edge of your seat? Do you want to experience a tiny taste of this fantastic book for yourself? Of course you do so here's an extract for you to dive into! Get reading by clicking the link below: 
Alfie Bloom and the Talisman Thief Preview

Information about the Book

Title: Alfie Bloom and the Talisman Thief (Alfie Bloom #2)
Author: Gabrielle Kent
Release Date: 2nd June 2016
Genre: MG Fantasy
Age Range: 8-12 year olds
Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback

Goodreads Link:

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Author Gabrielle Kent