Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I'm Hungry by Jorge Martin (Jonathan Cape PB)

What happens when a little dragon hatches out of her shell and feels rather peckish? We run, that's what happens!
In "I'm Hungry", the cutest little red dragon you can possibly imagine is born - but far from being a lovely cuddly little creature, she's a force to be reckoned with. And she's hungry. Starving in fact!

Mum isn't around so the little dragon wastes no time in looking for food. Animals pop by to take a look at the lovely little newborn, not realising they're about to get a closer look than they anticipated.

One by one the little dragon works her way around her island home, wolfing down every creature she finds (even the big ugly Gorilla!) but there's one animal that's probably a bit too big (and angry) to fit in her tum.

When mum comes back, she is NOT pleased to find that her little darling has eaten all her friends. Perhaps a tickle will put things right! Friends are friends after all, they're not food!

Jorge's book is brilliantly entertaining, and children will absolutely LOVE shouting "I'm HUNGRY!" along with the little dragon (Charlotte certainly did but thankfully a couple of rounds of chocolate spread on toast and my little dragon was satisfied!)

Brilliant stuff, love it!

Charlotte's best bit: Dragon sizing up the huge pink and rather grumpy elephant. Nope. Not going to eat HIM!

Daddy's favourite bit: A ticklish and hilarious book with an exuberant main character and one heck of an appetite. We devoured it in one delicious gulp!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Jonathan Cape PB)

"I'm Hungry!"

Written and Illustrated by Jorge Martin

Published by Jonathan Cape PB

Publication Date (Softcover): 7th July 2016