Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ready, Steady, MO! By Mo Farah, Kes Gray and Marta Kissi (Hodder Children's Books)

As the world holds its breath gearing up for the Summer Olympics in sunny Rio, here's a book that's getting the games off to a flying start!
"Ready, Steady, MO!" by Mo Farah, Kes Gray and Marta Kissi is a fantastic new book from larger-than-life running legend Mo Farah, that encourages kids to get active and have some fun.

Mo is the ideal choice to be an inspirational spokesman for sports and activities, and he crops up in the book as a fabulous character who runs everywhere and anywhere.

Run to the shops, run to school, run for a drink or a healthy snack. It's impossible not to be caught up in the energy of this brilliant and busy eyecatching book!

You don't need long legs and big feet to be a brilliant runner!
We love the book's rollicking rhymes but really the star of the show is Mo and his Mo-bot victory celebration so why not crack out a sneaky mo-bot yourself. Go on, right now! We won't tell anyone!

Phew! After all that, I think we need a lie down!

"Ready, Steady, Mo!" is released today, 28th July from Hodder Children's Books. Run round to your local bookstore for a copy NOW!