Wednesday, August 10, 2016

15 Things Not To Do with a Granny by Margaret McAllister and Holly Sterling (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Where oh where would we be without grandparents? Here's a wonderful celebration of grannies everywhere. But please be careful with 'em...
In "15 Things NOT to do with a Granny" we laughed like drains as we read through this light hearted 'how to' guide on how to interact with cherished grandparents.

Kids will giggle and laugh as the book tells you the things you really shouldn't attempt with your grandma (though I'm pretty sure if they're anything like Charlotte's Grandma and Nanny, they'll take to being shot into space like water off a duck's back!)

Wearing granny's pants on your head is a strict no-no. Introducing a crocodile pet? Uh uh, not a great idea. But cuddles, baking and stories are fabulous things to do with a granny so tuck in and read this brilliantly entertaining little book!

"15 Things to do with a Granny" is out on 11th August from Frances Lincoln Children's Books.