Monday, August 8, 2016

A perfect pair of brilliant children's storybook activity packs. Princesses and Dinosaurs from Miles Kelly Publishing

We've been taking a look at the new "Read and Play" range from Miles Kelly Publishing.

During the long summer holidays, you'll usually run out of things to do in about 2 days flat (well, if you're like us!) Sometimes the weather really puts the kybosh on your plans too, so if you've got something that can keep kids busy for a couple of hours, it's a godsend.

"Read and Play: Princess" and "Read and Play: Dinosaurs" have just arrived from Miles Kelly Publishing to save the day (and your parental sanity) with two awesome storybook and activity boxes for the utterly reasonable price of £10 each.

Each pack comes with:

  • An awesome story book
  • A puzzle book
  • A jigsaw
  • A fold-out play scene
  • Pop-out characters and models
  • Board games
So there's plenty there to keep your little ones occupied...

Can you find the ten differences? You'll need a sharp pair of eyes!
These are perfect for younger children who will find lots to do in each box. The puzzle books are particularly good, as they're also packed with completely cheesy jokes that you kids can try out on you, as well as things to colour and draw. Presentation is really great all through the packs with lots of fun and colourful illustrations to wow your little ones.

"Read and Play: Dinosaur" is also brilliant (in fact this was actually Charlotte's favourite of the two). Again you'll get a story book, puzzle and colouring book, jigsaw, play scene, loads of dinosaur models and board games to play. 

The packs are nice and sturdy and Miles Kelly are offering free postage on selected items if you order through their website

Check 'em out, both are available now from Miles Kelly Publishing. 

(Kindly supplied for review)