Thursday, August 4, 2016

A very very happy book birthday to "Pom Pom is Super!" by Sophy Henn (Picture Puffin)

Sophy Henn's endearing little Panda is back! He's not grumpy this time, he's SUPER!!
Sophy Henn's "Pom Pom" stories (which we have raved about muchly in the past!) are just the ticket for busy little tiddlers who are full of energy.

Pom Pom is such a great little character, and for his third outing he's excited that his friends are coming round for a play date. The dress code is "Superhero costumes" and Pom can't wait to get his cape on. But what exactly IS Pom "Super" at?

That's a difficult question. He can't leap tall buildings in a single bound. He has trouble lifting gigantic boulders, and he's not the speediest Panda on the block so will he discover his own unique 'super power' before his friends drop by?

Perhaps the best part of having friends is when they can see in you the things that you can't. That's the heartfelt message of this latest Pom story and it's a message we can really get behind! Awesome work, Sophy!

This is a beautifully observed little story about celebrating your own uniqueness, finding your own place in the world and of course believing in yourself as well.

A fantastic third addition to a brilliant book series. Nice one Sophy!

"Pom Pom is Super" is released today, 4th August 2016 by Picture Puffin.

(Kindly supplied for review by Picture Puffin)