Monday, 22 August 2016

Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World by Laurence Anholt (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

This one was snapped up and read from cover to cover the moment it arrived.

I've long been a fan of Frida Kahlo's work and I'm also a huge fan of Laurence Anholt's fantastic "Anholt's Artists" range, where Laurence introduces the most famous artists and their stunning works of art to children in a hugely engaging way.

In "Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World" we meet a little girl called Mariana who is visiting Frida to get her portrait painted.

The little girl is a bit shy and not quite sure what to expect. Frida is, after all, a fairly eccentric character. She has a pet monkey, she keeps a skeleton in her room and her works of art are stunning, sometimes macabre but hugely celebrated.

Mariana settles down to listen to a story, the story of Frida's life and as the book unfolds we too get to learn about this amazing artist and her extremely tough life, and the accident that almost killed her. Amazingly she recovered and is now recognised all over the globe, her works ensuring that her memory and legacy live forever.

It's fascinating stuff, and once again I firmly tip my hat to Laurence for producing such a brilliant tale, woven around Frida's life.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning all about Frida's early life and art, and her encouraging family (particularly dad!)

Daddy's favourite bit: One of my favourite artists, stunningly brought to life for children in this fabulous book.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

"Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World"

Written and Illustrated by Laurence Anholt

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Publication Date: 1st September 2016