Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If I weren't an Author...A brilliant guest post from Caighlan Smith, author of upcoming awesome YA novel "Children of Icarus"

We're joining the "Children of Icarus" blog tour with Caighlan Smith, author of this stunning YA fantasy novel that's destined to blow your mind. It's available now from Curious Fox so if you haven't already picked up a copy, what are you waiting for!! Go geddit. In the meantime we're handing over to Caighlan Smith to tell us what she'd have chosen as a career if she wasn't an author..

If I weren’t an author, I’d be…

A comic artist. 

Except I’m rather inept at drawing. That might be a detriment to the plan. Plus, is being a comic artist cheating? 

I’d still want to write the stories as well as draw them, so technically I’d still be an author. 

OK, maybe I’d be a video game designer? I’m a huge gamer, and I will basically play anything from RPGs to farming simulators to first-person shooters. But I guess creating games would also be cheating, in a way, because I’d want to create the plot behind the games, and the characters.

I definitely wouldn’t want to do the programming, as I’m also inept with computers shy of word processers. So I’d be a video game tester. Oh yes, now that does sound nice. Very tempting too, actually. A girl can have more than one career, right? (ed note: Videogame testing is actually TERRIBLY boring, trust us on this one!)

Some of my favourite video games are fantasy related—whether it’s straight-up magic or hunting mutant demons or zombies. Fantasy’s my favourite genre in general, for games or books, and I regularly cuddle all its cousin genres: post-apocalyptic, supernatural, sci-fi, etc. 

Caighlan Smith 
So it’ll come as no surprise that my new novel, Children of Icarus, has a heavy dose of the fantastical. The story follows a girl who is forced to enter a labyrinth which will supposedly lead her to paradise. 

Instead, she and a group of other youths must fight for survival against the horrors of the labyrinth. 

Did I mention I also love survival games?

"Children of Icarus" is out now from Curious Fox. Don't forget to check out all the other stunning posts on the CoI Blog Tour!

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