Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sharks and Space - a potent mix in two new Sterling Publishing non-fiction titles

We've been diving into a fantastic pair of non fiction titles, courtesy of Sterling Publishing.

First, there's "Please Be Nice to Sharks" by Matt Weiss and Daniel Botelho which explores the various shark species, and captures the imagination by describing just how important these oft maligned creatures really are to the ocean's ecosystem.

Given such a bad press by movies like Jaws, Sharks actually playing a vital role in establishing a balance in the seas, as predator and scavenger, but also in some cases as a gentle giant that ensures the survival of other forms of marine life.

Each species is explored in detail, from the mighty and fearsome Great White, to the peculiar and timid Hammerhead, and the gigantic basking sharks and whale sharks that we can even find off our coastal waters.

It's a fascinating book full of glorious colour photographs and of course packed to the gills (sorry, couldn't resist that one) with awesome facts and figures.

"Please be nice to Sharks" is out now from Sterling.

Heading out into the stratosphere for our second Sterling title, take a look at the fantastic "Our Solar System" presented for the first time as an awesome 'lift the flap' board book.

This is a brilliant little title in the "Good Question" range, designed for tiny little space cadets who want to learn more about our solar system and the planets within it, in a hugely immersive and engaging board book.

Peter and Connie Roop have the knack for making their chosen subject as interesting as possible, and the presentation of this one is utterly faultless, showing the comparative sizes of each planet as you flip through this colourful and gorgeously presented book.

"Our Solar System" is also out now from Sterling Publishing.

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