Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Nothing" by Yasmeen Ismail (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

Vibrant, brilliant and practically fizzing with energy. Run away with your imagination!
"Nothing" by Yasmeen Ismail is a joyous celebration of that most treasured thing, a child's imagination.

Lila the Lion is visiting Grandpa along with her mummy. Lila always seems to be busy, lost in her own little world and whenever mum asks her what she's up to, guess what she answers?

That's right, "Nothing!"

But Grandpa knows the secret of joining in and letting your imagination fly. Lila might be a little miss bossy pants but soon Grandpa joins Lila (and us, the readers) in Lila's amazing fantasy world of colour and imagination. Playing together, after all, is so much more fun than playing on your own!

Such a brilliant and vibrant book, beautifully describing how wonderful a child's imagination really is.

"Nothing" by Yasmeen Ismail is published on 11th August by Bloomsbury Children's Books.

(Kindly supplied for review by Bloomsbury Children's Books)