Friday 19 August 2016

ReadItDaddy's First Book of the Week - Week Ending 19th August 2016 - "I Can Make My Own Accessories" by Georgia Vaux and Louise Scott-Smith (Thames and Hudson)

A brilliant make-and-create book that's absolutely perfect for the summer holidays. Our first Book of the Week this week is "I Can Make My Own Accessories" by Georgia Vaux and Louise Scott-Smith
One thing we find with the long summer holidays is that we do at least get to catch up with all the brilliant 'make and do' books we receive.

We love crafts and art, and Charlotte absolutely LOVES anything to do with fashion, so "I Can Make my Own Accessories" is an absolutely brilliant little book packed with some really fantastic projects to keep your fingers busy.

As with their previous "I Can Make Dolls Clothes" title, Georgia and Louise have hit the perfect balance of producing some really easy and effective projects that children of all ages (perhaps with a little help from an adult) can cope with, making some really attractive accessories to wear.

Each project is set out with clear instructions, and most use the sort of craft materials you'll probably already have around the house (if, like us, your busy 8 year old loves making things!)

Time to design! Unleash your inner Gucci, baby!
Photos and diagrams are clear and concise, showing off the attractive accessories.

Compliment your boring socks with some cool pom-poms! Now THAT'S a good idea!
Even I managed to join in with some of the makes (being about as much use with a needle and thread as a walrus).

Make a cool festival headband that's perfect for the summer!
A fantastic title, we can't wait for more from Georgia and Louise.

Charlotte's favourite make: Making cool bag charms and keychains for mum

Daddy's favourite make: Groovy decorated converse all star shoes!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Thames and Hudson)

"I Can Make my Own Accessories"

Written by Georgia Vaux and Louise Scott-Smith

Published by Thames and Hudson

Publication Date: 11th August 2016