Friday 26 August 2016

ReadItDaddy's Second Book of the Week - Week Ending 26th August 2016 - "Home Lab: Exciting Experiments for Budding Scientists" by Robert Winston (Dorling Kindersley Publishing)

Our Second Book of the Week speaks to our inner science geeks. We really do love a grand experiment or two!
Fab TV-friendly science boffin Dr Robert Winston opens up this mega science book with a foreword that sets the tone for "Home Lab: Exciting Experiments for Budding Scientists" perfectly.

Doc Rob is, of course, a hugely inspirational figure and a man who is keen to instil the same level of curiosity and fun in children when it comes to science that we're already completely on board with. We regularly attend our local Oxford Science Clubs and get involved with the crazy activities they host on our saturday sessions.

We're also drawn like a magnet to local science events (Oxford is a VERY good place to live for this type of thing, particularly when the awesome local museums are running science and discovery days).

Mrs M spotted this one in a local indie bookshop and picked it up. As ever her taste in books is brilliant, and we couldn't wait to see what was inside...

Make your own slime with a few ingredients from your kitchen cupboards! Oh you bet we love this!
As you can see from the above page spread, you'll get to enjoy making and observing some amazing science with a whole stack of easy experiments that you, yes you, can do in the comfort of your own home without the aid of a lab coat (though protective goggles and lab coats are SUCH a good look, don't you think?)

Making slime is just one activity, there are more...

Making slime, but what's the science? Over to you, Doctor Bob!
Each experiment is followed up with some detailed explanations of what's going on - the real science behind the experiments. As you'd expect from DK, the book's presentation and layout is absolutely faultless. (Damn shame we aren't on their review list but you can't have everything!)

Wind Power! (No not that sort of wind!)
Nearly everything in the book feels achievable, and if there's one thing we always look for in activity books, it's a book chock full of ideas that you know are going to be feasible without A) Hour after hour of frustrating and intricate effort and B) not going to cost an arm and a leg in materials.

Thankfully "Home Lab" ticks those boxes very nicely indeed.

Harness the powaahhh of the wind and then learn all about wind turbines. Well, blow me down!
It's a truly awesome book. We can't wait to finish off our manic science experiments at home. Have we told you about our potato-powered book reviewing robot? We call him Phil.

Charlotte's best bit: Growing awesome crystal sugar pops (sucker for a sweet tooth that girl!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Brilliantly presented, clear concise instructions and a whole stack of amazing science experiments that feel like you, puny human, may actually be able to do them! AWESOME!


"Home Lab: Exciting Experiments for Budding Scientists"

Written by DK and Robert Winston

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Publication Date: 1st July 2016