Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Foolish King: A Secret History of Chess by Mark Price and Martin Brown (David Fickling Books)

Ah chess! If ever there was a game that takes a few hours to learn but can become a lifetime obsession, it's chess.
Strategic, mind-bendingly challenging but above all fun, the aim of "The Foolish King: The Secret History of Chess" is to introduce the game to youngsters who might have always loved the idea of learning how to play, but need something more fun and visual to spur them on.

Mark Price and Martin Brown have come up with a fantastic idea here. Part story book, part puzzle and activity book but above all a really superb way to learn all about the various pieces, their signature moves, and of course the many many strategies you can bring into play in your own game before discovering your own.

"The Foolish King" is superbly written taking care not to dumb down its subject, and brilliantly illustrated to engage young minds.

Peeking inside you'll learn about the genesis of the game, the way it has subtly changed over time and yet remains as popular now as it was when it was first chronicled as being introduced sometime way back in the 7th century, evolving from the ancient Indian game of Chaturanga.

Charlotte is learning the game and enjoys playing against me (though I'm probably the world's worst teacher) so she's looking forward to working through the book a bit more and refining her game. School has a chess club so if she uses this book as her secret weapon, she could become a force to be reckoned with across the board!

"The Foolish King" by Mark Price and Martin Brown is released on 1st September 2016, published by David Fickling Books. 

(Kindly sent for review)