Wednesday, 24 August 2016

This Book Thinks you're a Scientist (Thames and Hudson)

If there's one thing we REALLY love, it's a book that brings out our inner Magnus Pyke (younger readers are now frantically googling that name and are probably cackling with glee at the YouTube videos of our fave nutty professor in full swing).

"This Book Thinks you're a Scientist" has been compiled in conjunction with The Science Museum, drawing on some of the brilliant exhibits and experiments in their innovative exhibitions.

Any science book worth its salt can carry across its themes and messages by encouraging you not to just read about cool science, but do some very cool science experiments yourself!

That's why this book encourages you to imagine, experiment and create with a ton of really fantastic ideas and ways to use the book to do some practical demonstrations of the theories shared in this fascinating tome.

Experiments involving ice cream and chocolate? WHERE DO I SIGN?
Most of the experiments can be done with simple household supplies (but don't be afraid to raid the recycle bin for a few extra bits - with parental permission of course!)

We're almost reaching our tipping point with this experiment!
Awesome science, awesome presentation and illustrations and tons to do. Yep, that's just how we like our science books...!

Why do I keep humming Pink Floyd tunes whenever I see this page?
"This Book Thinks you're a Scientist" is out now from Thames and Hudson. 

Charlotte's favourite bit: Making awesome paper aeroplanes that soar and stunt

Daddy's favourite bit: Exploring colour theory and coming up with daft names for paint shades.

(Kindly sent for review by Thames and Hudson)