Monday, 19 September 2016

Alfie and his Very Best Friend by Shirley Hughes (Bodley Head)

Just look at those two cheeky chaps on the cover of this wonderful book. How can you possibly resist diving in for a look?
Shirley Hughes, national treasure and immensely talented author and illustrator is back with the 19th "Alfie" book. What an amazing achievement to have consistently brought such fabulous stories to the world.

This time Alfie's brought a pal along. Meet Bernard in "Alfie and his Very Best Friend".

Bernard and Alfie are indeed best friends, and have tons of brilliant adventures together. They both love books, they both love scooter races and they're both as mischievous a pair of boys as you could ever hope to meet.

Shirley's books, in particular her Alfie titles, have always warmed the cockles of our heart and always feel like the sort of stories that beg to be read near a crackling fire as the Autumn begins to set in. This is no exception and once again proves that Shirley Hughes' amazing creativity and storytelling expertise shows no signs of dimming one iota.

Beautiful, beautiful book!

"Alfie and his Very Best Friend" by Shirley Hughes is out now, published by Bodley Head (Kindly supplied for review)