Monday, 12 September 2016

"Around the World with the Ingreedies: A Taste Adventure" by Zoe Bather, Joe Sharpe and Chris Dickason (Laurence King Publishing)

Here's an utterly fantastic book that will treat your tummy and your curiosity to a tempting taste-tastic tour around the globe...
"Around the World with the Ingreedies: A Taste Adventure" combines two great loves of ours - food and learning about different countries and cultures.

We join in a globe-trotting taste-fest with an engaging gang of awesome characters known as The Ingreedies. These fascinating folk whip us off to countries far and wide for a selection of amazing facts and figures about each country's favourite types of food.

Better still, you'll get to try out 13 truly mouthwatering and tempting recipes that relate to each region. Though they're purposely kept simple so that little ones can join in and enjoy the preparation and of course the tasty end-results, the recipes are really cool and unique and we couldn't wait to dig in and try some for ourselves.

We do love a spicy chilli but we'll keep things to the lower end of the Scoville scale, thanks!
Ranging from super-spicy hot stuff on a grand tour of Mexico (lovely, lovely chilis which we do like in moderation!) to the super-sweet and tasty Tarte Tatin from France.

Introducing your taste-tour-guides, The Ingreedies!
The Ingreedies are engaging and fun characters who really help to encourage children into exploring the different flavours from around the globe.

Recipes feel really accessible and won't break the bank either, so there's definitely something for everyone whether you're veggies (like us) or carnivores who love a nice piece of meat with their meal.

Who knows? This amazing book might even convince your little ones to eat more of their 5-a-day fruit or veg!
We were bowled over by this book. We love cookbooks for kids that manage a fantastic balance of having child-appeal but also feature recipes that aren't just the usual boring 'easy peasy' rice-krispie cake-type stuff. This ticks those boxes beautifully, in fact we're really loving what Laurence King are doing at the moment.

Charlotte's favourite recipe: She has a sweet tooth so she loved the Tarte Tatin.

Daddy's favourite recipe: Make mine spicy, gotta love those Rainbow Veg with lots of lovely red chilis!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Laurence King Publishing)

"Around the World with the Ingreedies: A Taste Adventure"

Written by Zoe Bather and Joe Sharpe

Illustrated by Chris Dickason

Published by Laurence King Publishing

Publication Date: 15th August 2016