Monday, September 5, 2016

Fred by Mick and Chloe Inkpen (Hodder Children's Books)

That lovable rascally scamp is back for more fun and misbehaviour. Here's "Fred", the follow-on from "I Will Love You Anyway" by Mick and Chloe Inkpen...
Fred is the sort of dog that reminds me of my late Grandmother's two crazy Dachsunds (one of which was actually called Fred, funnily enough!)

In "Fred", we're re-introduced to the doggy star of "I Will Love You Anyway" as we catch up with his antics, and of course his favourite person in the world - the little boy who loves him no matter what.

This fun rhyming book reminds us just what a scamp Fred is...

A wonderful doggy lineup!
We join Fred as he limbers up for Doggy Obedience Classes (he's coming along but he is still a bit skittish) and of course even the most well-trained pooch can't always do what he's told. Fred understands most things but what does "Fred" actually mean? It's fun to find out alongside this adorable pup.

The perfect picture book for pooch fans, "Fred" by Mick and Chloe Inkpen is out on 8th September from Hodder Children's Books.

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Anonymous said...

A dog will always become your bestie , its the things you share and learn together and from one another that builds a relationship! How perfect for we dog lovers to share.