Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jinks and O'Hare, Funfair Repair by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre (Oxford Children's Books / OUP)

"Zany" is one of those words that we don't get to use often enough in modern life...
"Zany" is the perfect way to describe awesome duo Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre's new book "Jinks and O'Hare - Funfair Repair", out today from Oxford Children's Books / OUP.

Introducing Emily, a mysterious little girl who hatched out of a large egg left in Lost Property at the glorious leisure destination of Fairground Moon.

Creatures flock from far and wide to the awesome Fair, but poor Emily is taken under the kindly wing of the strange old creature who looks after all the lost things - and develops a keen interest in all things mechanical.

Her two best friends are Jinks (the slightly prissy and shy green globulous creature with bug eyes) and O'Hare (the quiet but fuzzy lumpy fellah with excellent taste in bowler hats). Both are expert engineers and can fix just about anything in the fairground. Emily loves to tinker with machinery, but sometimes Jinks and O'Hare have to politely steer her towards school instead.

A surprise inspection of Fairground Moon causes trouble, as the rather rude and obnoxious inspector (and his fairground-loving assistant) can't wait to find fault with Fairground Moon, threatening the attraction with closure if things aren't up to scratch. But is there a secret plan afoot to purposely put the skids under the fairground and close it forever?

It is indeed a zany adventure. Emily is fabulous, a girl engineer after our own hearts and full of curiosity and interest. Jinks and O'Hare are also brilliant, steadfastly saving the day when disastrous fudge-splosions occur and duck-bobbing rides spring a leak, let alone when the helter skelter starts to run backwards! EEK!

Awesomely funny writing (yes, we're still giggling about "Office World" but secretly think it might be a cool place to visit, are we a bit weird?), fabulous illustrations (yes we still have a huge book-crush on Sarah). We read it all over again once we'd finished and truly hope there'll be more from Emily, Jinks and O'Hare!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Rather loved the idea of stealing a bumper car for a joyride, like Emily does.

Daddy's favourite bit: Fab characters, awesomely original story idea, once again the dynamic duo of Philip and Sarah have created a brilliant, busy and totally awesome book world!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Oxford Children's Books / OUP)

"Jinks and O'Hare Funfair Repair"

Written by Philip Reeve

Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

Published by Oxford Children's Books / OUP

Publication Date: 1st September 2016

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