Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Meg in the Jungle by David Walser and Jan Pienkowski (Picture Puffin)

When the late great Helen Nicoll passed away, I remember feeling genuine sadness at the loss of such a huge talent - and an author who in no small part introduced me to a great love of reading very early on.
Meg and Mog books were a huge part of my earliest reading memories, always in huge demand from our school library and always the books I opted for whenever our school "Book Club" magazine offered up new treats to buy and take home.

I was a little apprehensive when I heard that there'd be more books by a new author, retaining the awesome illustrative talents of Jan Pienkowski but with David Walser picking up writing duties.

I needn't have worried - David has done an amazing job of stepping into the mighty shoes of Helen Nicoll, coming up with a brilliantly entertaining new adventure for the awesome witch and her brilliant friends Mog and Owl.

This time, Meg, Mog and Owl are off to the jungle for a grand adventure. They meet a friendly elephant who can't wait to take them on a whirlwind tour, but as you'll probably know from the other adventures of Meg and Mog, things don't always go to plan and when they also meet a sinister snake and a tiger who has lost his stripes, will Meg's magic help or hinder her new friends and get her out of a sticky spot of bother?

I can see why I loved these books so much, and I can also see why they were also very popular with Charlotte when she was little. Bold, striking illustrations once again compliment the story where words are kept to a minimum so that the hilarious action can unfold unimpeded.

Well done David and Jan for bringing back a fantastic favourite with a whole new lease of life.

"Meg in the Jungle" by David Walser and Jan Pienkowski is out now, published by Picture Puffin.