Thursday 15 September 2016

Sir Dancealot by Timothy Knapman and Keith Robinson (Bloomsbury Publishing)

With exquisite timing, here's a new book that will definitely compliment your upcoming obsession with all things "Strictly"...Meet Sir Dancealot!
The final 15 have been announced, and soon the nation will be gripped by "Strictly Come Dancing" fever. With corking good timing Timothy Knapman and Keith Robinson's new book "Sir Dancealot" looks to steal a little of the glitterball limelight with a fabulous new hero who just loves to strut his funky stuff.

Sir Dancelot trips the light fantastic with trolls, boogies with beasties but when a dance-obsessed dragon knocks on the castle gates demanding a dance-off, is it too big a challenge for the gallant galavanting knight?

"Sir Dancealot" is full of fun and bops along to its own  sequin-encrusted rhythm thanks to awesome writing from Timothy and brilliant energetic illustrations from Keith.

Dance a dainty tango as "Sir Dancelot" is out now from Bloomsbury Publishing.