Thursday, September 8, 2016

Three Tinyville titles for busy little bees, from Brian Biggs and Abrams Appleseed

There's nothing tiny about the amount of sheer enjoyment to be found in reading Brian Biggs' awesome "Tinyville Town" series...
"Tinyville Town" is a very busy place indeed, with lots of hustle and bustle.

This tiny town is growing bigger by the day, and one morning as the Mayor steps out for his usual breakfast, there are no Bagels to be had as the bakery is closed, the bus is late, and the rubbish hasn't been collected! What's going on?

It's the Mayor's job to get to the bottom of the problem and he soon traces the cause - a massive traffic jam on Tinyville Town Bridge.

The bridge just can't cope with the sheer number of vehicles every morning so a new bridge is needed. First the plans are drawn up by the architects and planners, and then the builders and engineers, steelworkers and stonemasons get to work building Tinyville Town a beautiful new bridge.

"Tinyville Town Gets to Work" is an awesome and busy little book, which reminded us of the brilliant Richard Scarry books I used to love as a child. Packed with awesome little characters and gorgeous page spreads, we loved it to bits!

A big "Hooray!" as the new bridge is opened with a brilliant parade!

Staying with Tinyville Town, there's a whole series of great little board books visiting the different characters and their jobs. So if you're still trying to work out what you want to do when you grow up, how about becoming a Veterinarian?

You've got to love animals to be a Vet!
Or maybe even a brave firefighter?

Careful with that hose, Eugene!
Brian's awesome "Tinyville Town" range is available now from Abrams Appleseed.