Monday, 31 October 2016

A Year Full of Stories by Angela McAllister and Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Wow, now this is the sort of book that we like - one that you can take your time over, and really find something new every time you delve in.
"A Year Full of Stories" gathers together 52 folk tales and legends from all around the world.

Some stories you'll recognise, some may be completely unfamiliar, one ghost tale can be polished off in a few seconds, but this has to be one of the most interesting story compendiums we've seen in a long time.

Angela McAllister has scoured the world to come up with an amazingly diverse collection of tales from different cultures, spinning them together into a deliciously exciting book that is perfect for when mummy and daddy want to read something uber-quick on late nights when Little Miss has decided to stay up later than she should on a school night!

Christopher Corr's painterly illustrations are also fab too...

One seriously thirsty frog! Meet Tiddalik!
The real appeal of this is just the sheer variety of types of stories. There are stories of hope and heroes, dark stories of magic and mayhem, exciting tales of derring do and good fortune...

They're great for reading aloud, of course - often taking their inspiration from the month or season that the story is categorised in.

A stunning collection, well worth considering as a brilliant stocking filler come Christmas, for a gift that'll last the whole year round.

Our favourite tales from Ancient Greece. Brilliant!
"A Year Full of Stories" by Angela McAllister and Christopher Corr, is out now, Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books.