Monday, 17 October 2016

Twists, Braids and Ponytails by Joel Benjamin (QED)

Oh my, if there was ever a need for a book like this, it's at ReadItDaddy Towers...
Well not for me obviously with my shiny bonce but for Charlotte who absolutely LOVES playing around with different hairstyles for parties or more formal stuff for school.

"Twists, Braids and Ponytails" by Joel Benjamin collects together some awesome hair designs when you want to explore beyond just sticking a couple of hair slides or a hairband in and calling it 'done'.

There are over 30 stunning hair ideas collected together in this book, with clear and concise step by step instructions - and tons of photos - to help you get that look just right.

The book thoughtfully details all the accessories and extra things you may need to make for a really fantastic new 'do so dig in and see what you can come up with!

"Twists, Braids and Ponytails" is available now from QED Publishing (kindly supplied for review).