Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thomas and Friends: Thomas' Big Pop Up Journey (Egmont Publishing)

Not many books can claim that they squeeze in the entire Island of Sodor between their pages...
"Thomas and Friends: Thomas' Big Pop Up Journey" is a hugely fun fold-out-and-play book that takes the gallant Tank Engine on a trip around the island.

Thomas has a very important job to do, ferrying freight and passengers, and he doesn't want to be late - can you help him complete his journey?

We still love books like this, even though Charlotte's a little old for them but who could fail to be impressed by a book that literally unfolds to become a big 3D map and adventure, allowing hours of involvement and play.

So here's how the pages look as you flip through...

Passing by a station, don't forget to pick up the passengers...Peep Peep!
Adorable or what!

Thomas speeds on his way. All his friends also come along for the ride too!
The book contains cardboard press-out play pieces for all the characters in the story, and most of the engines that your children will already know and love.

It's absolutely fantastic quality and really helps to bring the story to life.

Under the bridge! Watch out for those mischievous boys!
"Thomas and Friends: Thomas' Big Pop Up Journey" is out now, published by Egmont.