Friday, 23 December 2016

Booky Advent Calendar Book of the Week - Week Ending 23rd December 2016 - "Klutz Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Book Kit" by Doug Stillinger (Klutz Publishing)

It's Christmas Eve Eve and we've got a rather special Booky Advent Calendar Book of the Week for our penultimate review of 2016...
We're both complete and utter suckers for Lego (for that matter, so is my lovely wife) and we both remember excellent Lego Technics sets when we were both children.

Charlotte also loves lego but up till now her experience of the more technical stuff has been to build Lego Technic models and just play with them 'as is'.

The fantastic "Crazy Action Contraptions" by Doug Stillinger not only gives you a huge collection of Technic bits to play with, it encourages you to explore how machines work with a selection of awesome builds designed to test your mechanical engineering skills as well as your lateral thinking.

There are 16 projects inside the book, all designed to show the functionality of machines and devices you may use every day - as well as a ton of fun objects that just beg to be played with.

You get all these bits! Loads to use in your build projects!
Starting with some fairly simple builds, the book soon builds up to a crescendo of creativity with machines that mix, spin, move and speed along your floor...

Wowsers, there's really something for everyone in here!
Using rubber bands, cogs, pins and axles as well as some standard bricks, this set completely absorbed Charlotte who was fascinated by how things work

Crank up the flywheel and let this little kart racer zoom!
If you have a Lego fan in the family and are still stuck for a Christmas Pressie, there's still time to nip out and pick up this excellent book (which Charlotte purchased with her own money - quite some recommendation when she was given the choice of any book in our local Waterstones).

"Klutz Lego Crazy Action Contraptions" by Doug Stillinger is out now, published by Klutz Publishing (Self-purchased, not sent for review)