Friday, December 2, 2016

Our First Booky Advent Calendar Book of the Week - Week Ending 2nd December 2016 - "Raven Child and the Snow-Witch" by Linda Sunderland and Daniel Egneus (Templar Publishing)

Our first Booky Advent Calendar Book of the Week for 2016 is a stunning snow-bound tale full of dark delights...!
With an introduction like that, you just know this book is going to be good. "Raven Child and the Snow-Witch" by Linda Sunderland and Daniel Egneus is the sort of dark wintry tale that's perfect for this time of year, when our thoughts turn to snow and the chilly blast of a bright winter's morning.

Anya lives with her father and mother in the deep dark forest. Anya loves them both very much, but when her mother's springtime trip to gather blue Gentian flowers from a nearby glacier ends in tragedy, Anya and her father must embark on a perilous journey to free her from the clutches of the dark, beautiful and evil Snow Witch.

Trapping folk in her glacier, this evil presence will stop at nothing until she enslaves humanity. Anya and her father must bravely confront this terrible foe - helped by a half-tailed fox and a rescued raven.

As the story unfolds, Anya digs deep and finds bravery within herself that she never knew existed, driven on by her mother's love and her father's wisdom - and the love and and bravery of her new-found friends too.

A stunning modern fable that absolutely exudes quality from every single page spread. I mean there are snowy festive books that go all-out to christmas you to death, but this is something else. This is something beautiful in book form.

Daniel Egneus' brilliant Klassen-esque artwork makes this a feast for the eyes
It's the perfect tale to tell over a cup of hot chocolate, drawing the duvet around yourself and your children before reading this delicious tale out loud...

Anya's deep love of nature may help her in her quest to defeat the nefarious Snow Witch
An utterly brilliant book, once again proving that Templar really have an eye for stories that are both compelling and beautiful.

Charlotte's favourite bit: When Anya rescues the fox "Half Tail" from the evil wolves who are about to scoff him up for supper!

Daddy's favourite bit: A hugely engrossing and atmospheric wintry story, brilliant for this time of year.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

"Raven Child and the Snow Witch"

Written by Linda Sunderland

Illustrated by Daniel Egneus

Published by Templar Publishing. 

Publication Date: 6th October 2016