Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Asterix - A Whole World to Colour In (Orion Children's Books)

A huge, huge part of my childhood and now part of Charlotte's too, the Asterix books are always very well received...
Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's pint sized Gaulish heroes have been chronicled over many, many books since the stories first appeared way way back in 1959.

Now with Jan Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad picking up the reins with the fantastic "Asterix and the Missing Scroll", the stories continue with their hectic chaotic mix of battling, mirth and mayhem - usually with the Romans being sent packing by Asterix and his good friend Obelix.

You can join in the fun with a new colouring title that takes line art from the original comics and lets you take over as colourist, adding your own style to the stories we all know and love.

The first thing that struck us about this book was the size of it. There's nothing better than a super-sized colouring book for sprawling out on the floor with, armed with your favourite colours (Charlotte just got a brand new set of Faber Castell colouring pencils which she's been eager to use on something cool - so this book's arrival was very timely indeed!)

Meet the Gauls, armed with their magic super-strength potion it's time for Roman bashing!
It's testament to the original strips that the line art is beautiful even before you start colouring.

Hugely detailed panels are stock-in-trade of Goscinny and Uderzo's fabulous comic strips
It's a fantastic book with 112 pages of colouring and historical information about the original books themselves. If you have an Asterix fan or two at home (of any age) this is a brilliant purchase.

"Asterix - A Whole World to Colour In" is published by Orion Children's Books (kindly supplied for review)