Monday, 23 January 2017

Birds of Paradise: A Colouring Expedition by Edwin Scholes, Andrew Leach and Tim Laman (Cornell Labs Publishing Group)

Kids who were hooked on both Planet Earth and Planet Earth II couldn't fail to have been won over by the many birds of paradise that (thankfully) still live in the forests and jungles of our amazing planet.
So thanks to Cornell Labs and Edwin Scholes, Andrew Leach and photographer Tim Laman we can now give those gorgeous birds a splash of colour of our own.

"Grown Up" colouring books (which Charlotte is very quick to point out are NOT just for grown ups) have been something of a modern publishing phenomenon so it seems fitting that the world's most amazingly dazzlingly coloured birds should get their own outstanding colouring book title.

"Birds of Paradise" really is a colouring expedition, taking in the amazing birds ranging as far and wide as the Amazonian Rain Forests and the forests of Papua New Guinea. The book is thoughtfully designed so that pages can be coloured and removed (either for framing or gifting).

Each design is beautifully detailed and intricate, just begging for you to spend a few soothing hours using your pens, pencils and crayons on these gorgeous designs.

"Birds of Paradise: A Colouring Expedition" is out now, published by Cornell Labs Publishing (kindly sent for review).