Monday, 16 January 2017

Rabbit and Bear - The Pest in the Nest by Julian Gough and Jim Field (Hodder Children's Books)

Rabbit and Bear - two friends who are like chalk and cheese! Join us for book two in this fantastically funny series!
"Rabbit and Bear - The Pest in the Nest" follows on from the wildly hilarious "Rabbit's Bad Habits" which we featured on the blog last year.

We've been reading "The Pest in the Nest" together and once again we're delighted to tell you that you're in for a rib-tickling treat.

Rabbit wakes up one morning to find that the cave he shares with his good friend Bear is full of strange rumbling noises, flashing lights and is generally a very scary place to be. Nervous and twitchy Rabbit thinks they're in the midst of a huge thunderstorm - when it's actually just Bear's sonorous snoring.

Rabbit doesn't ask for much in life, just some PEACE AND QUIETTTTTT! (I'm totally with you on this one, rabbity dude!)

But even though Rabbit and Bear's friendship is tested at times, there's still nothing better than a problem shared being a problem halved.

We love this book, particularly love the format which bridges the gap nicely between highly illustrated picture book and wordy chapter book (we really feel that this is a hugely important format for early readers setting out on their own book journeys for the first time).

Fantastic humour from Julian, Jim's brilliant illustrations, we talked about this one in our recent podcast so if you'd like to hear Charlotte reading a few pages, drop on over and check it out!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Rabbit squeaking so loudly he actually hurts his own ears. OWWW!

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliantly funny book, showing that early reader titles can be brilliantly entertaining, giving kids a fab boost when they're just starting reading on their own.

"Rabbit and Bear - The Pest in the Nest" by Julian Gough and Jim Field was released on 12th January, published by Hodder Children's Books.