Monday, January 16, 2017

Where's Horrid Henry? by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross (Orion Children's Books)

He's naughty, usually a bit pongy, and he has more than a few tricks up his sleeve - but where is our gallant hero Henry?
The Horrid Henry books definitely became a firm favourite with Charlotte in 2016 and once she'd discovered this nefarious ne'er do well, she voraciously consumed just about everything Horrid Henry related that she could feast her peepers on (even the TV series!)

Henry is the star of a new picture book that's perfect for younger readers who've yet to get into the chapter book versions like their bigger brothers or sisters, but delight to his TV antics.

In "Where's Horrid Henry?" the mischievous youth has hidden himself in a huge collection of highly detailed scenes.

Observation-puzzle books are nothing new but you know how good Henry is at hiding when he's got into trouble and mum and dad are on the warpath...

Christmas! The perfect time to prank, run and hide! So can you see Henry?
You think it'd be easy to spot Henry, just follow the dirty footprints - but the scamp has learned a trick or two about blending in. And it's not just Henry you have to find, there are bonus observation challenges in each page spread too!

You think the Birthday Boy would be in plain sight at his own birthday bash but nope! So where is he!
All the fabulous characters from Francesca Simon and Tony Ross's brilliant books pop up in here.

"Where's Horrid Henry?" is out now, published by Orion Children's Books (kindly sent for review)


  1. We've just discovered Horrid Henry, they're brilliantly funny stories! When I hear giggles coming from the bedroom it's usually Horrid Henry that's causing so much mirth :o)

  2. Charlotte is a big fan of the books, I think kids really love a character who they can vicariously 'be naughty' through. Bit of a modern-day Dennis the Menace but brill books, and this is worth a look purely for Tony's amazingly detailed art.


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